The Versacourt mobile outdoor sports flooring is made up of 25.73× 25.73×1,905 cm tiles. Featuring an open grid structure with quick drainage, it has excellent resistance to the effects of rain, snow and ice, and provides an ideal grip for sports regardless of weather conditions.  It is made from a special patented polypropylene polymer base material which is extremely elastic, antistatic and shock resistant, with high UV and antifungal protection against fading and discoloration.

Thanks to the unique internal connection and locking system and the flexible base material (slight vertical flex and side-to-side movement) allows forgiveness for athletes’ knees, joints and lower backs .

On concrete surfaces, head injuries can occur because of falls from heights as little as 2 cm. The Evertech sports flooring installed on concrete subbase increases this value to 66 cm, thus reducing the likelihood of head injuries.


  • It provides an ideal adhesion surface for sports, no matter how the weather is.
  • The sports field can be easily and quickly installed and does not require gluing (the field has a swivel type structure, the individual modules/tiles are connected to each other with a unique internal switch-lock mechanism).
  • Heat reflective design
  • Safe surface that allows forgiveness for joints.
  • In the event of damage to the individual tiles, they are easy to replace and do not require the disassembly of the entire pitch structure.
  • The game lines are pre-painted in the factory.
  • Material structure with extra grip for better ball bounce
  • 15-20 years service life